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boulder2_big.jpgChad didn’t just design a house for me, he created a lifestyle. I have been motivated to live more simply because this is a house that inspires simplicity. In a complicated world with too many demands, my Cantilever home has become a refuge . . . it is all I asked for and more. The inside space is functional art with its angles and ceiling heights, walls that aren’t walls, and windows at every turn. Chad combines his knowledge of the latest in green building technology with an eye for beauty and function.

Another testimonial by Boulder Ridge:  Chad designed my house to fit the site, resulting in a structure which appears to have risen from the surrounding prairie. My wish was for a small (by current standards) house of 1700 sf, which I have discovered is still more than I really need, thanks to Chad’s ability to design an exquisitely simple floor plan that charms one’s senses by continually revealing wonderful views; either of nature or an exceptional architectural element. Feng shui principles used in the design contribute to a feeling of peace and harmony. A pivoting bookshelf in lieu of a door provides privacy in the office when necessary. Pivoting doors in other areas allow the ceiling to flow, uninterrupted by traditional doorway framing. These features typify Cantilever’s philosophy of creating beautiful and functional spaces. Cantilever’s expertise is also evident in the renovation/remodel projects they have completed.

Sincerely, Barb

Business Response from chad:  The very first  “Green Built Certified” home in the Brown County Parade of Homes. Home also published in Natural Home Magazine and on Channel 11 Morning TV Show. This home was also on the Solar Tour of Homes. This design still brings clients to my door!!