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You have decided to build and you’re looking for a competent, experienced residential designer that can create your dream home, or turn your renovation into something beautiful.  Maybe even manage or general contract the entire construction process…to keep you informed and always in the know and in control, but never those project headaches!

Then welcome to Cantilever Studio!


We are a full-service residential design-build firm specializing in sustainable, modern and innovative design. Our creative solutions are responsive to your environment, represent your unique lifestyle, provide full functionality of your living space and can reduce the size of the home you may have anticipated by utilizing our creative details and design expertise.

We approach your residential and home interior projects with one simple concept… we design for your needs, with your input, and for your specific building site.  Whether it’s a redesign of your home interior, a major renovation or an entirely new home design, our methods for creating your spaces are expressed well by the following…

“Always design a thing by considering it in its next largest context… a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, and environment in a city plan.” – Eliel Saarinen

Additionally, we abide by four principles of successful Architecture:  Progressive thinking * Craftsmanship * Simple beauty * Environmental sensitivity

What does this mean for you? You’ll always get an accurate expression of your ideas into a living space you will enjoy day in and day out, for years to come.

Our Services

Below are the services Cantilever Studio offers. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive Design and Construction Process below to see how together, step-by-step, we’ll walk through the entire process, from concept to dream home.

Residential Design

With expertise in residential design and green built certification, we will custom-design any size project to address your needs and fit your budget. From small renovations to entire new home design, we work hard to translate your “vision” into your ideal home. A living space that will inspire you and its occupants every day.

Because we’re careful to uncover your precise needs and desires, our first design version should closely represent your dream home. But, we’ll show you design options, outlining the advantages of each and how they meet your needs, lifestyle and budget… then tweak the design until you’re satisfied we’ve accurately expressed your “vision”.

Full service custom home design involves 5 Phases:


  1. Building Design
    1. This phase is all about creating your vision and making it cohesive with your functional needs and the parameters of your building site. Floor plans, elevations, 3-dimensional imaging, and building models are the tools we use to express your building design.
  2. Construction Drawings & Specifications
    1. This phase includes the documentation of your building’s design into buildable drawings.  Specifications indicate the materials in the project, methods of installation, warranties, and contractual information that drawings can not provide.
  3. Interior Design
    1. There is much that Architectural plans do not indicate in detail.  Architectural drawings involve exterior materials, structure and infastructure.  Interior design involves selections and design for cabinetry, furniture, fixtures, finishes, lighting, and fabrics.  These costs are substantial and should be determined before construction commences.  We will present and/or help you select interior design options that are in sync with your aesthetic and building design.
  4. Construction Bidding
    1. We can review your bids for construction to assure you nothing is overlooked; and, if we are not your contractor, we will meet with them to make sure all their questions are answered.
  5. Construction Administration or Construction Management or General Contracting
    1. Administration:  We provide construction site visits to assure your home is being built according to your plans.  Visits are scheduled at appropriate stages of construction to see each major craft including:  exterior construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.  Administration is complete upon completion of final Contractor Punch-list and move-in.
    2. Construction Management:  We manage all construction trades just like our General Contracting services.   The benefit to you is that we become a sub-contractor to you, and you are your own General Contractor.  This means that you sign each bid for work and  every penny spent on your project.  We attain multiple bids for each trade needed to build your home and review them with you.  We schedule all construction work, orchestrate all contracts and daily construction, compile and distribute labor and material invoices and deliveries, among other items detailed in our Contract with you.  We are on the construction site daily to assure your project flows smoothly and all questions are answered.  We assure quality construction and that even hidden details that make the home durable are executed with care.
    3. General Contracting:  We can be your general contractor.  We provide all services and materials for your project completion with a “Turn Key” bid for construction .  With this service, Cantilever Studio hires all the trades to complete your project; however, the only costs and numbers you see are our monthly Construction Draw invoices where all trades will be included in our invoice.  We receive and distribute appropriate funds and attain Lien Waivers from each trade or supplier.  If we happened to save money on certain trade labor or materials required, the savings go to us, rather than you.  Construction Management, theses savings go back into your pocket.

All phases are NOT required to work with us.  We believe any amount of help from us will benefit your project and be worth your investment in us.

*  We also offer hourly consultation to get you off on the right foot, or to evaluate and enhance a design you already have.

Interior Design Services

Cantilever Studio recognizes the inside of your home is where you’ll spend the most intimate time. So we make it a priority to understand your lifestyle and personal preferences, and incorporate them into your home’s new or renovated interior design.  We are experts with taking your new or existing space and making it “feel” larger than it is.  Our creative details, knowledge of  materials, and use of light are tools we use to design your space.

First, we’ll develop design drawings showing floor plans, furniture layouts, elevations, and details that are in synch with the way you live.  We will review these with you, make any necessary revisions until you are fully satisfied, and then progress into the next phase.

Then, we develop material compositions for each space so you have a clear picture of how the space will actually look when its complete. The material samples and renderings specify wall and floor materials, colors, fabrics, furniture, architectural details, countertops, lighting and more.

Our commitment to your vision and attention to detail will make your home interior a pleasure to occupy… because it’s exactly what you asked for.

Commercial Design

Cantilever Studio is also well-equipped to design your commercial, retail, or cultural facility. We focus on combining function with style to meet the needs of a wide range of business types and community projects.

Our structures are always designed to:

  • Address both current and future needs
  • Contain the highest quality materials to withstand the harshest elements
  • Meet the strictest safety requirements
  • Be responsive to its environment
  • Deliver and exceed the appeal and functionality you hoped for

Cantilever Studio will connect the “art” in your architecture.  It is our ambition to design the building you have envisioned, and to let our experience bring your design to another level of appreciation.  We insist on receiving your complete satisfaction and approval… every time!

Construction Management

We are quite happy to create the design for your new home, renovation, or commercial structure, and work with a construction contractor of your choice. And, we have built quite the reputation doing just that.

However, you may experience some welcome benefits by enlisting us to custom design AND manage the construction of your home project, from start-to-finish.  Several clients were pleased to discover that we could offer discounted pricing because of our expertise in construction methods and building costs.

Plus, we work with only the most professional, highest quality sub-contractors. That assures you we will:

  • Deliver the exact home you envisioned
  • Never hide anything in the construction of your home, including costs (we have an open book policy so homeowner’s see every dollar they spend, at any moment)
  • Handle any subcontractor issues so you remain worry-free
  • Provide a smooth execution of the building phase with clear communication, scheduling, and daily project management.
  • There is much more that we can review with you in our Construction Management Contract.

Construction Process

We follow an exclusive process that walks you through the steps of your remodeling, interior design or new home project. It’s meant to ensure we capture your unique vision for design, but shield you from the headaches.

We’ll make communication a priority, by always keeping you informed and up-to-date through each phase of the project. That way, you can stay relaxed and in control.

That’s how it will feel… here’s how it will look:

  1. Service Proposal – We outline the work we’ll provide, a timeline for delivery and what these services will cost. Every client is unique; so we’ll provide a proposal tailored to your specific needs and budget.
  2. Design Your Project – Here, we take your concepts and develop a custom design for your project. We’ll be in constant communication until we’re satisfied we’ve accurately captured your design intent. Depending on our level of involvement, we’ll complete the appropriate schematics, construction drawings, Specifications, and Interior design.  We are also happy to work with your Interior Designer.
  3. Contract – We only build projects that the Cantilever Studio has designed with the exception of smaller home renovation projects.  We will review your project and develop a Construction contract for your review and signature.  Project bidding will then ensue to develop a “Turn-key” cost of construction document for your approval.
  4. Bidding the design for construction – We will attain multiple bids for each major craft to be involved in your project.  This assures the most value for your money.
  5. Construction – We are on your site daily to orchestrate a seamless high quality construction process.

Ready to put Cantilever Studio to work for you? Contact Us now to get started. There’s no charge for an initial consultation; however, if you are located more than 1/2 hour from our office, we request travel minimal fees.

Prefer to see some of our completed Projects first? Or, go here now to learn more About Us.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for stopping by!