Marble Rock

Custom home design on a small site encumbered by “ESA” Environmentally Sensitive Areas, creating a small buildable area.  The design parameters for the Subdivision required a minimum home size, which was a driving factor in the design.  Other design factors, as always, included the views, the sun path, the site privacy and view opportunities, and the client’s desires for a modern/eclectic home design that incorporates green and re-used building materials.

Philosophically, the creek that surrounds this home has eroded a substantial valley from the tenuous soils.  Developed from this idea, a sense of eroded building masses were carved from a whole, like a sculpture is carved from stone.  Design solutions were intertwined to resolve challenging privacy considerations since this home is seen by all that live within the subdivision.

Photos by Meinhardt Archival Photography (interiors) and Chad Cornette (exteriors)