In the center of 40 acres, 7 ponds and 2 creeks, this cabin renovation is about the views, the sunshine, and living in Nature.

The design aesthetic is a mix between modern and rustic detail.

The home was demolished to its wood structure, foundation and masonry fireplaces; and, was re-built to New home standards including all plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.  The living room ceiling was re-structured to clear-span the home to create open plan living spaces on the upper level.  Additions included enclosing a sunroom to become the kitchen, and a 120 square foot addition to expand the master bedroom and bath.  An egress bedroom window was added to create lower level guest suite.

In the end we have opened the existing floor plan so that spaces share space and flow into one another.  Where before there was dark space there is now natural light and views of  Nature pervading the interior.


Photos by Meinhardt Archival Photography