Custom Green Built Certified Home.  We incorporated heavy timber from an old barn grainery building as exposed floor framing.  The owner received free wood siding from a friend and we re-used the wood under the protection of the large roof overhang(s) to increase its longevity and maintenance.  The posts used to support the roof overhangs where salvaged from a barn.  The composite decking was attained from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  6 panel antique doors were re-used as wainscot inside the home.  Recycled bowling alley became an office desk and kitchen countertops.  The North side of the home is buried into a Northside hill to shelter from the elements and South side Passive solar design.  The interior stair was salvaged from a local church.  Geothermal heating and cooling provide hydronic heat in exposed concrete floor.  1st level is accessible for wheelchair for Owner’s parents.