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Chad is owner and only employee of Cantilever Studio.  His life experiences with the Architecture and Construction industries, and his passion for Quality Design define his company.

Cantilever Studio is a full-service residential design-build firm who specializes in sustainable, innovative, cost-effective, and high quality design of smaller homes and interior spaces. Our designs are inspired to help homeowners take their visions to the next level and beyond.

Behind the creative solutions to your design challenges is a man who spent his entire life dreaming, studying, and creating architecture. Chad Cornette, owner and designer, also brings to the table that “in-the-trenches”, hands-on experience of creating real-life structures.

You get his passion on display from your very first meeting. Because he “gets” how significant your design and build project is to you.

Chad’s fascination with residential and interior design began at an early age.

“As a young boy, I dug into one do-it-yourself project after another.” He explains. “My parents were excellent mentors. By allowing me to discover my natural creativity, they instilled in me a dream that would stick for a lifetime.”

Chad continued his passion for design and construction by working for numerous home builders throughout high school and college.

Your Dream Home is His Business

Chad’s college studies in architecture shaped his design philosophies… and cemented his future. He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from UW-Milwaukee. Additionally, he completed his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the world-renowned Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture… with an emphasis in Green Building technologies.

Following his professional internship under licensed architects around the country, Chad established Cantilever Studio in 2003. His design firm specializes in a new Modern Craftsman style of architecture, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Located near Green Bay, Wisconsin, Cantilever Studio designs express clean lines, continuity of detail, artistic natural light, eco-friendly materials, and human scale with balanced proportions. This attention to detail assures you get a living space that is functional, beautiful, spacious, and reflects your lifestyle.

Cantilever Studio focuses on smaller higher quality design projects. Though they serve primarily residential homeowners, Cantilever Studio has had notable success in commercial undertakings.

Full-Service means “Hassle-Free”

In the spirit of the “master builder” concept, Chad Cornette established Cantilever Studio Construction Services in 2005. He now provides homeowners the unique opportunity to work with a single source design-build studio.

With expertise in residential design, construction methods, and building costs, Cantilever Studio provides a seamless design-build service. That translates into a more creative, accurate expression of your vision for new design or renovation. Which guarantees you get:

Worry-free design and construction, from start-to-finish

High quality construction materials

Costs that stay in budget

A project that stays on time

A home you’ll enjoy spending time in, and around

A significant advantage you’d expect from any competent residential design-build service, wouldn’t you agree?

Chad is especially inspired by natural elements. He converts his knowledge of color theory, proportion, quality of light, texture and Feng Shui philosophy into your custom home and interior design. And, because Chad is tuned in to the latest materials and methods, you are assured a unique and modern vision for your living space.

Can You Benefit from Green Building Technologies?

Cantilever Studio recognizes that Green building has finally become a mainstream. The reason? Because prices are more competitive, and construction techniques are getting smarter. Green building, or Green renovations, will make your home healthier, more energy efficient and more durable. And, add lasting value to your project.

Thoughtful architectural design evaluates your building site (sun, wind, views, vegetation, topography), mechanical and electrical systems and various materials to provide the best Green solutions to fit your budget.

Chad Cornette has been designing and building Green since 1998. His very own Cantilever Studio claims credit for designing the first green-built certified home in the Brown County Home Builders Parade of Homes!

Most customers are pleasantly surprised to learn it doesn’t have to cost more to green-build. But surely designers have to cut corners to save on costs?

“Absolutely not!” Chad explains. “Today’s cutting edge technology allows us to green-build without sacrificing aesthetics.” Contact Chad at Cantilever Studio today to learn how.

Or, for more information on how “Green Built” technologies can make your home more enjoyable to live in, go to our Green page now.

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You can check out some of Chad’s previous Projects to see how others have benefitted from his expert residential and interior design, and construction management services.

Or, maybe you’re ready to put Chad’s unique passion for custom home and interior design to work for you? Contact Chad at Cantilever Studio today to discover how to take your ideas for the lifestyle you desire, and create your “dream home”!

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