Questions We Often Hear


Looking to hire an expert residential or interior designer for your new home or renovation project? Someone who can accurately translate your “vision” into your dream design? If you’re ready to jump right in, go here now to start a discussion.

But if you’re like many of our clients, you likely have a few lingering questions on how we can help you with your design idea?

Whatever home project you have in mind, you want to better understand how we can serve you. If we were sitting face-to-face, talking in your home, you’d ask us some questions. We hope to answer a few of those right here.

Q. What kind of services do you offer?

A. We offer residential and interior design services for about 80% of our clients, and provide commercial design services for the remaining 20% of our clients. Additionally, numerous clients have hired us to manage the entire construction of their home project, from start to finish.

Q. Are their advantages to hiring one firm to do both the design and construction of my new home or renovation project?

A. Yes, absolutely! We can offer discounted pricing when we take on your entire design and build project. You benefit from our expertise in construction methods and building costs. And we both benefit because we work with only the highest-quality, most reputable construction contractors.

Q. What can I expect from working with you?

A. Frankly, you’ll appreciate our working relationship. We make it our primary objective to insulate you from the normal worries and stress that accompany design and build projects. We do so by keeping you informed every step of the way… and, by identifying and resolving issues quickly before they grow large.

This assures you are always in control of your project! And because we work hard at being easy to work with, you’re more likely to refer us to friends or family.

Q. I’m in Colorado and you’re in Wisconsin. Can we still work together?

A. We mainly serve homeowners from Wisconsin, but have designed residences across the United States. We’ve never had any issues being based in Green Bay, Wisconsin while designing for out-of-state clients.

Q. How long will it take you to design our project?

A. Every project is different for us; however, we can work as fast as anyone in the industry if necessary to meet your goals.  Time ultimately depends on your scope and urgency. We will nail this down during our no-cost, no-obligation initial interview.

Q. What happens if I want revisions after I’ve hired you?

A. Like any reputable residential design service, we welcome revisions! It’s our way of fulfilling the promise to deliver design that you are 100% satisfied with. Just tell us what you want improved or what the specific changes are, and we’ll make them. We will NOT charge for redesign as long as it’s within the original scope of our contract.  Typically, once Construction Documents start, minor revisions are ok, but major decisions have been finalized and would require extra work to complete.

Q. How much will your services cost?

A. This will depend on the level of services you request. Typically, we start with an initial no-cost, no-obligation interview so we can better understand the scope of your project. Then, we write a proposal that details the work we’ll provide, a timeline for delivery and cost of our services. Because every project is unique, we’ll submit a proposal that’s tailored to your specific needs and budget.  On average, our services cost more than a lumber yard designer, but less than a Licensed architect.

Q. How do I hire you?

A. Putting us to work for you is easy! You can contact us directly to discuss your custom home design project, or to make an inquiry. We’ll call you back within 2 business days if you leave a message.

Ready to discuss your home or interior design ideas with a competent, seasoned residential designer? Go here now to learn how together, we’ll turn your “vision” into your dream design… a design that reflects your unique lifestyle, provides optimal functionality and quality, yet goes easy on your budget.

Or if you prefer, check out our exclusive Design and Construction Process on our Services page to give you peace of mind about choosing us for your next home design and build project.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping!