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June 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Chad Cornette of Cantilever Design designed a home and managed the construction of the home for my wife, Judy, and I.  We met Chad on referral from a friend of Judy’s who was acquainted with Chad professionally.  Our project objective was to build a new home on an unimproved woodland site near a shoreline with minimal impact on the site.  Judy and I had already done a lot of thinking about features and characteristics of the home we wanted to be considered in the design process.  Also, since our new home site was more than 50 miles from where we lived and I knew that my work and travel schedule would not allow me to be closely involved in daily construction decision making, it was important to me to have a complete vision for the design before going out for bids, knowledgeable assistance identifying and selecting contractors and a construction project manager who we could be confident would respect our budget for the project.

In our first meeting with Chad, we were immediately impressed and pleased with his interest in our ideas concerning the property and the home.   We arranged to visit another home with Chad that he had designed and I was struck not only by design elements of the structure, but by the way the home related to natural features of the site.  We visited our building site with Chad and he again listened to our generally expressed ideas for the site and the project.  I don’t know how Chad was processing all that he heard and saw or how the information related to his training and experience as an architect.  I can only tell you that it wasn’t until much later in the construction process and even until after we moved into the home that I could fully appreciate Chad’s sensitivity to and interpretations of our ideas and his detailed visions of the home and the way the home fit to the site.  Chad’s design work displays exceptional sensitivity to the environment at both home sites I’m familiar with.

As Chad led us through the design process, choices of materials, colors and fixtures, he took into account the amount of input we wanted in the process.  When he needed our input we wanted some suggestions from him followed by some discussion among us to bring out the designers perspective and the homeowners perspective.  We found we were able to reach mutually agreeable decisions in this way.  The real attention grabber architectural elements that we find throughout our home, though, are Chad’s gift.

We have been delighted with the results of the collaboration and we were fortunate that Chad agreed to be closely involved through completion.  The feeling I have in the home Chad built for us is like the total is more than the sum of the individual elements that could be documented in plans and specifications.  We are very happy with our home both artistically and functionally.


Ward and Judy