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First Blog Post

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Here is the first blog post.  It is quite fantastic. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus ultrices velit sit amet tellus auctor congue. Suspendisse in tortor nunc. Sed tempor rhoncus nisl sit amet lacinia. Fusce vehicula tortor libero, quis lacinia nibh ornare id. Etiam non mauris ornare, feugiat metus sed, accumsan urna. […]


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June 8, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: Chad Cornette of Cantilever Design designed a home and managed the construction of the home for my wife, Judy, and I.  We met Chad on referral from a friend of Judy’s who was acquainted with Chad professionally.  Our project objective was to build a new home on […]


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My wife and I wanted to build our dream home on waterside property. We used a builder that had an in house design service. Its design ,however, had several compromises that we could not live with — so we turned to Chad to redesign and rework the building plans. Chad listened to our concerns, asked […]

J. Olsen, Architect

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I have worked with Chad on a number of challenging and very creative housing projects in the last 5 years. His design expertise and commitment to a fully realized final product has been a collaborative delight. Developing design within strong green principles has progressed quickly from fad to fundamental………and Chad is ahead of this in […]


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Chad didn’t just design a house for me, he created a lifestyle. I have been motivated to live more simply because this is a house that inspires simplicity. In a complicated world with too many demands, my Cantilever home has become a refuge . . . it is all I asked for and more. The […]


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My wife and I contracted with Chad to design a home that will be built on an unimproved, wooded lot in a new subdivision in the city of Wausau WI. It was important that the home’s design fit with the natural setting of the subdivision and that the home be attractive yet practical. Because we […]