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Link to blog and photos:  UK Forest Home

Cantilever Studio feedback:, PAD Architects, Sustainable home,This small home is beautifully set next to a Natural pond.  Modern architecture with Natural environment has a tension that adds interest.  Craft, detail, and forethought conforming to human mass production contrasts with chaotic unregulated nature to form a sort of balance that appeals to some people.

The interior steps, I’m not a fan, they seem like tripping hazards.

The glass and some of the detail are great.

The exterior is beautiful, thoughtful, and sustainable.  Flat roofs actually work in Cold climates the best, but they cost more than alternative sloping roofs when done well.  The history of flat roofing in the Midwest is strong in peoples minds, and the residential technology has not done a good job at selling their current durablility.  TPO roofing for low sloping roofs, are what I’m talking about.

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